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How to get notice in a good way?

Photo credit : @balletcrazie

You are a dancer, an athlete. Let’s say you want to get sponsored by a certain brand or you would like to become their brand ambassador. Let’s say you want to become an influencer.

Please read these few tips if you want to get notice by brands.

So here’s a short list of DO’S and DON’TS that us, brands, LIKE OR FUCKING HATE…


1) Filtered pictures.

If you want to get your picture reposted by the brand, DON’T USE FILTERS ON YOUR PICS. For us, brands, it's hard to repost pictures with strong filters, because it won't match to our gallery feed. So, we'll just pass on yours and choose another one.

2) The meaningless comments.

Don’t just comment stupid meaningless things under the brand’s posts. Meaning don’t use the same sentence you copied-pasted on everyone’s posts for the last hour. Like this.

3) The rule of the reposted picture.

Us brands and influencers, know this unwritten rule and it’s really annoying when people does that one thing. When you get to be reposted by THE ONE BRAND you like or by the influencer you admired, NEVER COMMENT ''Omg thank you so much😍’’ under the post… SERIOUSLY, STOP DOING THAT! To other followers, if you want to get followed, it makes you look like a super groupie fan. It makes you look like a lame person who’s only wish was to get reposted. Even though we know it’s true, just keep it to yourself.


Stop sending DMs of fake love if you are not a fan/follower. To get sponsored by the brand or if you want to get reposted, it is certainly one way straight to the Never-Oh-So-Never-Land for you my love!

Like, come on! You just followed 2 minutes ago…do you think we’re dumb?


No need to say more…Ok, it’s nice of you to tag us. But seriously, how do you expect people to be able to click on tags…

It’s like, are you so ashamed of the tags YOU tagged yourself so you wanna hide them? Well, we certainly don’t want to be part of your shame!


1) Be a part of their very best followers : Engage with the brand.

Like engage on everything. Comment on every post they do, comment of their tagged post (posted by other fans). Don’t comment stupid things. Meaning don’t use the same sentence you copied/pasted on everyone’s posts yesterday. Try to be honest, say true and meaningfull words.

2) Post pictures.

Post pictures on your account and add to it every social keys the brand you like use. For example, our very best fans put this in their caption : #INTIGHTS @intights. They also put our tag ID on their picture.

This only shows that you know your shit. You did some research about the brand. You prove them that you already know what to do if you were sponsored – that you know how they work on their social media!

This, for example, is the way to go. Her tags are cleaned and spaced. All companies and accounts are happy because it's easier to click on tags. It's a win-win!

3) Posts beautiful & REPOSTABLE pictures.

Meaning that your picture are easy to reposts, for us brands – social managers, it's very important. The picture has a very clear light. Day light is the best. Has to be good quality picture. Every recent cell phone do the job very well. Use the original size format. Yes you can crop a little, but when the pic is too small, we won’t repost because it’s too blury and it’s…ugly on our feed.

4) When your picture get reposted.

Don't act like a groupie. Play the game. Be part of it. Be creative. Comment something witty, fun and intelligent. You can say something like an inside joke between you and the company. You can say few words on how this picture was taken. You can continue the story or the caption. Show that you are part of it. If you want to get people following you, act like a leader...

5) Subscribe to the company’s…everything. BELIEVE ME, WE CHECK THAT A LOOOT ;).

Subscribe to their newsletters, Facebook account, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat & Twitter (yes it’s so 2010, but some older companies still use that lol) and subscribe to whatever else medias they post on. That way you’ll get to know the company more. Also, you’ll stand out (like highspeed-stand-out-stellar-way). How? When you’ll plug in comment or DM that you like so much this picture they just posted because ''it made you think about that great blogpost the company posted 2 months ago about [...insert the subject ]’’.

You get 5 more points if you plug some key word they used in this article you are referring to. Just joking…but not really!

Hope this will help! Feel free to ask questions or comment below :)

xoxo, Charlie

(Version française de l’article à venir sous peu.)

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