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We’re a women’s organization. It starts with that. But where we go from there is up to you. The Ballerina Club offers a member experience ranging from friendship, sharing ideas, exposure, special deals, from leadership to service and from sports/dance activities to a lifetime of community involvement.


We encourage our community to become leaders in the dance and sports fashion industry by, for example, sharing their ideas on our Blog, promoting their exposure on diverses medias and offering them to teach or share their talents through workshop classes around Canada. 


Want to make friends? First we invite you to get into our Ballerina Club by completing the suscription down below. Hundreds of girls from a variety of backgrounds join us each month.   


Want to be a leader in our Intights Club ? We encourage members to participate to our questionnary on sports and dance habits. Working together through collaboration helps us to develop the best products YOU want. 


It is free and you can win prizes if you participate to the questionnaries !   

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