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Intights Inc. is a brand providing worldwide dance essentials items through it's e-commerce website www.intights.ca

We also provide dancewear essentials to schools, dance stores and sports retailers. Our flexible (  ;) wink, wink ) and creative team loves to get new challenges by adapting/designing products that suits the retailer's needs. 


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It is more than a lifestyle. It's a brand that embodies sport and creativity from the spirit of our youth culture. The company is built on innovation and free spirits while remaining dedicated to the established traditions. Well grounded through a serious comprehension of our clients ; we too are dancers, sporties who breath of adventures, fashionnistas and well-being lovers.  

In our very own offices, our highly energetic group create, merchandise and distribute through our online store a collection of dancewear clothes in constant evolution. 



OUR OBJECTIVES  is to offer a vast products selection, while staying true to this one big word ; AUTHENTICITY. Our clients personnality has to reflect in unic pieces with exclusive distribution. We are inspired by word like FUN, VIBRANCE, UNIC AND ALWAYS SUPER CLASSY.  


OUR VISION  long term is quite simple. Highly satisfing our clients needs, developping new unics products with affordable prices et becoming leader in dance and sport industry. Intights is a constant growing community and we are very proud to be by your side. Also, we really wish to favorise our canadian economy by working with subcontrators and always creating energetics alliances. 


GREEN  is when our hippy-eco-save-the-planet values take over and that we choose only high quality textiles. Our impact on the environment has to be the smallest possible. We work with non-damaging health products and we look up closely to all our processes. They represent our personal values and we are very proud of it. :) 


Our community connect people who share same passions for sports, dance, art, music, film, good reads and everything dorky ! 



                                                                                                    XOXO- TEAM INTIGHTS